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Diabetes complications

Symptoms and treatment of pancreatic tumors

The fourth place in the number of deaths is occupied by malignant tumors of the pancreas. The peak of the likelihood of development of pathology comes to 70 years, but the risk of the appearance of a neoplasm occurs after 30 years of age. The cunning of the disease lies in the fact that malignant and benign lesions develop almost asymptomatically, which makes it difficult to diagnose in the initial stages and reduces the chances of a favorable outcome.
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Diabetes Diet

Soluble chicory: useful properties and contraindications

Chicory is a famous coffee substitute. It does not contain caffeine, and gives a lot of nutrients. Therefore, chicory drink is recommended to drink with elevated pressure, obesity, as well as diabetic patients. What is useful drink? And what does he give to diabetics? Chicory: composition and properties Chicory is growing everywhere in our fields, vacant lots, along roads and on lawns under trees.
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What insulin is the NovoPen 4 pen suitable for?

People who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have to constantly perform insulin shots. Without them, it is impossible to normalize the glycemic indicators. Thanks to such modern developments in the field of medicine as a syringe pen, making injections has become virtually painless. One of the most popular devices are models NovoPen.
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Blood glucose meters

Electrochemical glucometers or photometric: rating and price

Electrochemical glucometers are considered the most convenient, accurate and high-quality. Most often, diabetics buy personalized such types of devices for measuring blood sugar levels at home. An analyzer of this type uses an amperometric or coulometric principle of operation. A good blood glucose meter allows you to monitor glucose levels in your body every day and gives you accurate results.
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Climax and diabetes: what every woman over 35 needs to know

They say that who is warned is armed. The information that you find in this article will help the diabetologist's patients not to make mistakes leading to deterioration, will tell others what to do so that they do not become at risk in the pre-menopausal period, and hopefully convince everyone without exception to eat consciously.
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