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Comparison of Metformin and Formetina

There are many generic drugs Glucophage. In Russia, Formetin and Metformin are examples. By the power of action they are the same.

These drugs are intended for diabetics. They have a similar composition and are related to sugar-lowering drugs. They can be purchased only by prescription. What is the best of the drugs is determined by the attending doctor, focusing on the situation, the results of the examination and analyzes.


It has a tablet release form. The main active ingredient in the composition is the same compound. Available in dosages of 500 and 850 mg.

Metformin contains the main active substance of the same name.

The drug belongs to the category of biguanides. The pharmaceutical effect of the drug is manifested by slowing down the production of glucose in the liver and reducing its absorbability in the intestine. The drug does not affect the process of insulin in the pancreas, so there is no risk of a hypoglycemic reaction.

The drug has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, preventing the development of angiopathy in diabetes mellitus.

After oral administration of the drug, the maximum concentration of the main active ingredient in the blood comes after 2.5 hours. The absorption of the compound is stopped 6 hours after drinking the pill. The half-life of the substance is about 7 hours. Bioavailability is up to 60%. Excreted in the urine.

Indications for use Metformin - diabetes mellitus of the first and second types. The drug is prescribed as an adjunct in insulin therapy and the use of other medications, since the drug interaction has shown positive results. Metformin is prescribed as the main agent during therapy.

The drug inhibits the production of glucose in the liver and reduces its absorbability in the intestine.
The drug does not affect the process of insulin in the pancreas.
When used orally, Metformin concentrates in the blood after 2.5 hours.

The drug is used for obesity, if you want to control the indicator of the level of glucose in the blood, provided that the diet does not give a positive result. Another remedy may be prescribed for the diagnosis of polycystic ovarian cancer, but in this case the medication is used only under medical supervision.


The drug is available in the form of oval white tablets. The main active ingredient is also metformin.

1 tablet contains 500, 850 and 1000 mg of the substance. The medicine is intended for oral use.

The drug is prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes when the diet does not help. The medicine is also used for weight loss. Effectively combined with insulin therapy.

Comparison of Metformin and Formetina

Metformin and Formetin are not the same remedy. To determine which option is better, it is necessary to compare the drugs and determine their difference, similarities.


Choose which drug is better depending on the evidence, it makes no sense. Both drugs have the same active ingredient in the composition and indications for use.

Metformin and Formetin are taken in similar dosages.

Tablets can not be chewed. They are consumed whole and washed down with plenty of water. This is best done during or after meals. The number of doses per day depends on the severity of the patient.

At the beginning of therapy, 1000-1500 mg per day is prescribed, dividing this amount into 3 doses. After 1-2 weeks, the dosage may vary depending on how much substance is required to normalize the level of glucose concentration.

It is possible to switch to Metformin or Formetin from other analogous means in just 1 day, since a smooth reduction of the dose is not required.

If the dosage is increased slowly, the tolerability of the drug will be higher, as it decreases the likelihood of side effects from the digestive tract. Standard per day dosage is 2000 mg, but more than 3000 mg is forbidden to take.

It is possible to switch to Metformin or Formetin from other analogous means in just 1 day, since a smooth reduction of the dose is not required. But be sure to eat right.

Drugs can be taken during insulin therapy.

In this case, the first dose will be 500-850 mg per day. Divide everything by 3 times. The dosage of insulin is chosen on the advice of doctors, depending on the results of blood tests.

Both medicines are allowed for children from 10 years only. Initially, the dosage is 500 mg per day. You can take it once a day with meals in the evening. After 2 weeks the dosage is adjusted.

Since Metformin and Formetin have the same active ingredient, their side effects are similar. There are:

  • problems with the digestive system, which is accompanied by pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, metallic taste in the mouth, flatulence;
  • vitamin deficiency, especially for B12 (in this regard, patients are additionally prescribed vitamin preparations);
  • allergic reaction to the components of drugs (manifested by skin rash, redness, itching, irritation);
  • anemia;
  • lactic acidosis;
  • lowering blood glucose levels below normal.

Contraindications for Metformin and Formetin include the following:

  • chronic and exacerbated metabolic type acidosis;
  • glycemic coma or condition before it;
  • disorders of the liver;
  • severe dehydration;
  • disorders of the kidneys;
  • heart failure and myocardial infarction;
  • infectious diseases;
  • respiratory problems;
  • alcoholism.

Both medicines are allowed for children from 10 years only.

Both drugs are prohibited to receive before surgery. It is required to wait 2 days before and after the operation.

What is the difference

The difference between Metformin and Formetin is only in the excipients in the composition of the tablets. Both products contain povidone, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, and water. But in the composition of Metformin additionally there is pregelatinized starch and microcrystalline cellulose.

The tablets have a film coating, which consists of talc, sodium fumarate, dyes.

When buying a medication, it is necessary to pay attention to the content of auxiliary compounds: the smaller they are, the better.

What's cheaper

Both drugs manufacturers are such companies as "Canon", "Richter", "Teva", "Ozone".

The dosage of the active ingredient in one tablet is 500, 850 and 1000 mg. For the price, both Metformin and Formetin are practically in the same category: the first can be purchased in Russia at a price of about 105 rubles per pack of 60 tablets, and for the second, the price will be about 95 rubles.

What is better Metformin or Formetin

In both drugs the main active ingredient is the same substance - metformin. In this regard, the effects of medications are the same. Moreover, these tools are interchangeable.

Live healthy! The doctor prescribed metformin. (02.25.2016)
METFORMIN from diabetes and obesity.

Only the attending physician can determine which drug is best for each patient, depending on the situation.

This takes into account the age, individual characteristics of the organism, the general condition of the patient, the form and severity of the pathology.

With diabetes

In diabetes of the first type, when there are complete or partial disorders in the synthesis of insulin, Metformin and Formetin are used to reduce the dosage of the latter, supplement hormone therapy, switch to new forms of insulin (to insure during this period), and also to prevent obesity.

With type 2 diabetes, drugs are required to be taken much more frequently. They improve the general condition of the patient with severely impaired susceptibility of tissues to insulin. Thanks to such means, the likelihood of developing complications of diabetes is reduced.

When losing weight

Metformin and Formetin not only affect the concentration of sugar, but also additionally reduce the level of lipoproteins, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Because of this, they are used as a supplement during the diet. Everything in the complex contributes to weight loss.

Patient Reviews

Sergey, 38, Moscow: "Type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed. I have been taking Metformin in parallel with insulin injections for a year. The remedy helps to lower blood sugar. I am satisfied with the drug, there have been no side effects."

Irina, 40 years old, Kaluga: “Formetin acquired for the doctor’s prescription. Sugar is normal, but there is a problem with overweight. At the same time, I switched to a low-carb diet. Since the beginning of such complex therapy, I have already lost 11 kg of weight.”

With type 2 diabetes, the drugs in question are required to be taken much more frequently.

Doctors reviews about Metformin and Formetine

Maxim, endocrinologist, 38, St. Petersburg: "I consider Metformin an effective drug for treating the endocrine system pathologies (diabetes, carbohydrate metabolism disorders). But I always warn my patients about side effects that are common. This remedy can be used as alone and in complex therapy. "

Irina, endorologist, 49 years old, Kostroma: "Formetin is effective, and if all precautions are taken, it is also a safe drug. Otherwise, dyspepsia and diarrhea appear. This is a classic treatment for diabetes."

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