Can you drink kefir with gestational diabetes?

Tell me, please, can yogurt drink with gestational diabetes?
Rose, 25

Hello, Rose!

In kefir, as well as in other liquid dairy products, contains milk sugar - lactose. It is because of this kefir slightly increases blood sugar levels.

Kefir, as well as milk, varenets, ryazhenka (dairy products without added sugar) with diabetes, with gestational, including, can be consumed in small quantities (1 cup per meal).

Most often, kefir (1 cup of 200-250 ml) is used as a snack - in the morning before lunch or in the mid-morning snack. In order for sugars to be more stable after consuming kefir, it is better to use kefir with protein (low-fat cottage cheese or some nuts) or with fiber.

The main thing with GSD is to monitor blood sugars, since good sugars are a guarantee of child health.

Doctor endocrinologist Olga Pavlova

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