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Could diabetes be sweet? Myth or reality?

Every day, millions of people ask questions about their health.

In search of truthful and adequate answers, they begin to study the medical literature, some are trying to find truths on the Internet, there is still a group of individuals who are beginning to take interest in the opinions of others, who are not always able to give accurate answers.

A reasonable question arises, where is the truth? Of course, the undisputed leader in this area will be medical literature and qualified doctors. The second place in this list is the Internet. So now we will discuss the following question: is it possible to get diabetes if there is a lot of sweets?

Why does diabetes develop?

Diabetes mellitus is called as a result of the fact that the pancreas ceases to produce the hormone insulin for various reasons.

Anxiety is caused by the fact that the disease is rapidly becoming younger.

Scientists estimate that by the end of the second decade of the century diabetes will be the seventh on the death list. The peculiarity is that sugar is present in the blood of a healthy person and a diabetic.

But not the one that everyone is used to seeing on the table, but glucose, which is absorbed into the circulatory system after the breakdown of complex sugars, trapped with food in the digestive tract. The norm is the volume of sugar in the range of 3.3 to 5.5 mmol / l. If, after measuring the number, it is more, then this is due to excessive eating of sugary foods just before the test or diabetes.

The formation of sugar disease contributes to many reasons:

  • genetic addiction. In many cases, a disease of both type 1 and type 2 can be inherited;
  • previous viral infections can trigger the development of the disease (cytomegalovirus, Coxsackie virus, parotitis, rubella);
  • obesity also increases the risk of diabetes.

There are still factors that allow the development of disease:

  • constant stress;
  • use of certain medications;
  • some diseases of the kidneys and liver, polycystic ovaries, malfunctions of the pancreas;
  • lack of physical activity.
If the results of the sugar analysis show the values ​​above the stated digits of the norm, it is necessary to conduct a second study to confirm or deny the diagnosis.

This disease is dangerous development of associated diseases. For example, myocardial infarction is 3 times higher than in a healthy person. Atherosclerosis aggravates the course of diabetes, contributes to the development of diabetic foot. A sick person feels a disorder in the work of many organs, as a rule, they suffer: the brain, legs, the cardiovascular system.

The process of getting glucose into the blood

At the time of ingestion, substances called complex sugars enter the human body.

The digestion procedure divides them into simple components called glucose. Gradually absorbed into the bloodstream, it enters the bloodstream.

The above text stated that the rate of sugar is up to 5.5 mmol / l.

If, after consuming a large amount of sweet, the permissible values ​​of blood glucose increase, it can be concluded that both of these actions are interrelated. Accordingly, regular eating large amounts of sugar-containing foods leads to the appearance of a jump in glucose, and therefore, is a provoking cause of the formation of diabetes.

If possible, limit the use of products containing a large amount of sugar.

Can I get diabetes if I have a lot of sweets?

In reality, the expression “the content of sugar in the blood” refers to medicine in its pure form, and there is no relation to the usual white substance on the dining tables.

In the blood of a healthy person, as well as having a diagnosis of diabetes, glucose molecules that are not related to culinary products are present.

This is a type of molecules of the simplest sugars. Above it was said that the indicators of the permissible level in the diagnosis can be increased, if the day before a person overdosed with eating sugary foods.

Communication, of course, can be traced. This suggests that a large number of confectionery products can cause an increase in sugar in the bloodstream, and thus provoke the development of the disease.

No need to go to extremes and deprive yourself of such pleasures as the use of confectionery products completely. However, it is necessary to limit, because it is easier to prevent than to cure.

However, this is not the main and not the only factor that increases the risk of getting sick. Complete rejection of such products does not guarantee that a person is insured against this diagnosis. Compounds of complex sugars are contained not only in chocolates and other similar products.

For example, sweet fizzy drinks, even the smallest bottle, contain sugar 3 times more than the sweetest candy.

Accordingly, a person who has completely excluded sugar from his diet, but constantly uses soda, falls into the risk group.

Summing up, it can be concluded that a contingent that eats a lot of sweets will not necessarily get sick with sugar disease.

Several factors can lead to such a development of events: genetic predisposition, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet. All this together, plus the fascination with sweets can be a provoking factor and eventually lead to the development of the disease.

The relationship of sweets and diabetes

Research on the causes of any disease is ongoing.

Scientists are trying to understand and trace the links between the factors contributing to the emergence of diseases, and the final results after the final diagnosis.

Previously, doctors and scientists did not think that the disease could occur due to the large consumption of sweets and desserts. However, a study was recently carried out at the US medical department at Stanford, which proved the direct relationship between eating large amounts of sugary foods and diabetes.

It was confirmed that the prevalence of sugar in the diet can put a person at risk and provoke the development of the disease, as the secretion of the hormone insulin decreases. Of course, an overweight person is more at risk.

Excessive consumption of sweets increases the risk of diabetes

But the data obtained in the course of the study prove that the fascination with sweets can cause disruptions in the body even in people with normal body weight. Doctors believe that other foods, such as meat, cereals, vegetables, are not conducive to the formation of pathology.

Fast carbohydrates can cause a sharp and rapid jump in blood glucose, for example:

  • high-grade flour;
  • White rice;
  • rafinated sugar.

To eat better complex carbohydrates, which are digested by the body for a long time, bringing benefits to it:

  • whole grain cereals;
  • bran bread;
  • brown rice

There are also a number of products with sugar substitutes, fructose, which will help to prepare dishes without prejudice to taste and benefit.

However, care must be taken that there are no chemical elements in the substitutes.

It is necessary to eat more good foods related to complex carbohydrates.


When is it necessary to start a preventive fight against this disease? The answer is simple - the sooner the better. Particular attention should be paid to this process to those people who have a predisposition to this disease, because they have a very high risk of getting such a diagnosis. What are these measures?

Proper and complete nutrition

Special emphasis on the diet. Adults should take this very seriously; parents must control the process for children.

Water balance must be respected by all people. And those who are predisposed to diabetes should be taken as an axiom - to drink one glass of pure water without gas before each meal without taking into account coffee, tea and other beverages.

Healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is necessary first of all in order to reduce the load on the pancreas and lose some weight. If you do not adhere to this rule, it will be impossible to achieve results.

It is necessary to increase the consumption of such products as:

  • tomatoes and greens;
  • legumes;
  • citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, grapefruits, but not tangerines);
  • swede.

Physical exercise

Regular exercise in moderate amounts is one of the most effective ways to prevent not only diabetes, but also many other diseases.

About half an hour of daily cardiovascular exercise will be sufficient. At least:

  • take the stairs without using the elevator;
  • walk in the park alone or in the company;
  • take a walk with children in the fresh air;
  • ride a bike.

Try to reduce the amount of stress

Avoid communication with negative-minded people. Keep calm in situations where nothing can be changed. To give up bad habits that give a deceptive sense of comfort, for example, to quit smoking.

Timely treat viral diseases

In the process of treating viral diseases, try to use sparing drugs that give a minimum load on the main organ - the pancreas.

This is necessary to reduce the likelihood of launching autoimmune processes.

Compliance with such simple and simple rules will help to significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, even in people with a high degree of predisposition.

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