Blood glucose meters

Modern touchscreen device Freestyle Libre

A home system for regular monitoring of blood glucose concentrations is just what people with diabetes need. However, to have a portable device that quickly and reliably determines this biochemical indicator, doctors recommend not only diabetics. As a reliable device for home use, your meter today can be one of the elements of a first aid kit.

Such a device is sold in a pharmacy, in a medical equipment store, and each person will find an option convenient for himself. But some devices are not yet available to the mass buyer, but they can be ordered in Europe, purchased through friends, etc. One of such devices can be the Freestyle Libre device.

Description of the device Freestyle Libre Flash

This gadget consists of two components: a sensor and a reader. The entire length of the sensory cannula is about 5 mm, and its thickness is 0.35 mm; the user will not feel its presence under the skin. The sensor is fixed by a convenient mounting element having its own needle. The needle itself is made precisely for inserting the cannula under the skin. Fixation does not take much time, it is actually painless. One sensor is enough for two weeks.

A reader is a screen that reads the sensor data and displays the results of the study.

For the information to be scanned, bring the reader to the sensor at a distance of no more than 5 cm. Literally in a few seconds, you will see the current glucose concentration and sugar mobility dynamics in the last eight hours on the display.

What are the advantages of this meter:

  • No need to calibrate;
  • It makes no sense to injure a finger, as you have to do it in devices equipped with a piercing pen;
  • Compactness;
  • Easy installation using a special applicator;
  • Long use of the sensor;
  • The ability to use a smartphone instead of the reader;
  • Waterproof sensor performance;
  • The coincidence of the measured values ​​with the data that displays a conventional meter, the percentage of errors - no more than 11.4%.

Freestyle Libre is a modern, convenient device operating on the principle of a sensory system. For those who do not really like instruments with a piercing pen, such a meter will be more comfortable.

Disadvantages of the touch analyzer

Of course, like any other device of this kind, the Freestyle Libre sensor has its drawbacks. Some devices are equipped with various options, including sound signals that alert the user about the alarm values. The sensor analyzer does not provide such an alarm sound.

There is no continuous connection with the sensor - this is also a conditional lack of the device. Also, sometimes indicators may appear with a delay. Finally, the price of the Freestyle Libre, it can also be called the conditional minus of the device. Perhaps not everyone can afford such a device, its market value is about 60-100 cu Included with the device is the installation applicator and alcohol pad.

Instructions for use

To the device Freestyle Libre is not yet attached instruction in Russian, in which the rules for using the device would be available. Instructions in a language unfamiliar to you can be translated into special Internet services, or you can’t read them at all, but watch a video review of the device. In principle, there is nothing difficult to use the device.

How to use the touch gadget?

  1. Fix the sensor in the shoulder and forearm area;
  2. Press the "start" button, the reading unit will start working;
  3. Bring the reader to the five-centimeter state to the sensor;
  4. Wait while the instrument reads the information;
  5. View the readings on the screen;
  6. If necessary, add comments or notes;
  7. The device will turn off after two minutes of inactive use.

The result on the display is presented in the form of numbers or graphics.

Some potential buyers are hesitant to purchase just such a device, as they do not trust a device that works without a lancet and test strips. But, in fact, such a gadget still comes into contact with your body. And this contact is enough to show in the same measure reliable results, which should be expected from the work of a conventional glucometer. The needle of the sensor is located in the extracellular fluid, the result obtained has a minimum error, so there is no doubt about the reliability of the data.

Where to buy such a device

The sensor for measuring blood sugar Freestyle Libre is not yet certified in Russia, which means that it is not possible to buy it in the territory of the Russian Federation now. But there are many Internet sites that act as intermediaries in the acquisition of non-invasive home medical equipment, and they offer their assistance in the purchase of sensors. True, you will pay not only the cost of the device itself, but also the services of intermediaries.

On the instrument itself, if you purchased it in this way, or bought it yourself in Europe, three languages ​​are installed: Italian, German, French. If you want to buy Russian instructions, you can download it on the Internet - several sites offer this service at once.

As a rule, companies selling this product are prepaid. And this is an important point. The scheme of work most often is this: you order a touch analyzer, pay the bill that the company sends you, they order the device and receive it, after which they send you the meter by sending.

Different companies offer different payment methods: from bank transfer to online payment systems.

Of course, you need to understand that working on an advance payment, you risk to stumble upon an unscrupulous seller. Therefore, track the reputation of the company-seller, refer to the reviews, compare prices. Finally, make sure you need just such a product. Perhaps a simple blood glucose meter on the indicator bars will be more than enough. Not everyone is used to a non-invasive device.

User Reviews

To some extent, the testimonials of people who have already acquired the analyzer and were able to evaluate its unique capabilities are also indicative.

Catherine, 28 years old, Chelyabinsk “I knew that such a device was expensive, I was ready to give about 70 euros for it. The price is considerable, but the device is needed for a child who is afraid of one type of blood, and we “have not become friends” with a conventional glucometer. Surprisingly, the online store where we ordered the device took us only 59 euros, and this included shipping. In general, everything is not so scary. For the first time, the device was installed on the skin for a long time, for about 20 minutes, then they got it. His work is completely satisfied. "

Lyudmila, 36 years old, Samara “Freestyle Libre was brought to me by a colleague from China, where it is very popular. Probably, the future is behind such devices, because you don’t have to do anything yourself - you need to set the encoding (it happens, you don’t want to torture it, you don’t want to do anything), you don’t have to pierce your finger, it’s not the first time either. The price is still expensive, but which side to look at is still not for one day buying the device. ”

Emma, ​​42, Moscow “We both saw that there was such a sensor, we decided to buy into the family. But for us - discarded money. Yes, it is convenient, I put it on my hand and that's it, he does the work himself. But in the second month of use, it failed. And where to repair? They tried to solve something through the seller’s company, but these disassemblies tire more than the annoyance of the money spent. So it gets dusty with us. We use the usual cheap meter, which has served us for seven years. In general, as long as they are not sold in Russia, buying such an expensive item is risky. ”

It may affect your choice and advice of an endocrinologist. As a rule, experts in the intricacies know the pros and cons of the work of popular blood glucose meters. And if you are attached to the clinic, where the doctor has the ability to remotely connect your PC and your glucose measuring devices, then you need his advice - which device will work best in this bundle. Take care of your money, time and effort!

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