Type 1 diabetes among celebrities: one of the famous people of diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is considered the most common disease of modern society, which does not spare anyone.

Ordinary citizens or famous people with type 1 diabetes, anyone can become a victim of pathology. Which celebrity has type 1 diabetes?

There are a lot of such people. At the same time, they managed to withstand the blow and continue to live a full life, adapting to the disease, but achieving their goals.

What causes type 1 diabetes and how does a person’s life change after being diagnosed?

What are the causes of the appearance of the disease?

Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in young people. These are patients who are not yet 30-35 years old, as well as children.

The development of pathology occurs as a result of failures in the normal functioning of the pancreas. This organ is responsible for producing the hormone insulin in the quantity necessary for humans.

As a result of the development of the disease, beta cells are destroyed and insulin is blocked.

Among the main reasons that can cause the onset of type 1 diabetes are:

  1. Genetic predisposition or a hereditary factor can trigger the development of the disease in a child if one of the parents had the diagnosis. Fortunately, this factor does not occur often enough, but only increases the risk of the disease.
  2. Strong stress or emotional upheaval in some cases can serve as a lever that will trigger the development of the disease.
  3. Recent severe infectious diseases, including rubella, mumps, hepatitis or chicken pox. Infection affects the entire human body, but the pancreas starts to suffer the most. Thus, the human immune system begins to destroy cells of this organ on its own.

During the development of the disease, the patient can not imagine life without injections of insulin, as his body can not produce this hormone.

Insulin therapy can include the following hormone groups:

  • short and ultrashort insulin;
  • intermediate exposure hormone is used in therapy;
  • long-acting insulin.

The effect of the injected injection of short and ultrashort insulin appears very quickly, while having a short period of activity.

Intermediate exposure hormone has the ability to slow the absorption of insulin into human blood.

Long-acting insulin retains its effectiveness from days to thirty-six hours.

The injected drug begins to act approximately ten to twelve hours after the injection.

Russian prominent people with type 1 diabetes

Celebrities who suffer from diabetes are people who have experienced what the development of pathology means. Of the total number of stars, athletes and other famous people, the following persons can be distinguished, which are known in our country:

  1. Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev - a man who suffered from type 1 diabetes. He was the first and last president of the former USSR
  2. Yuri Nikulin is an outstanding Soviet-time actor who was remembered for all his participation in such films as The Diamond Hand, The Caucasian Captive, and Operation Y. Few people knew at the time that the famous actor was also given a disappointing diagnosis. At that time, it was not customary to notify about such things, but the actor endured all problems and troubles calmly.
  3. People’s Artist of the Soviet Union Faina Ranevskaya once said: "Eighty-five years in diabetes is not a joke." Many of her statements are now remembered as aphorisms, and all because Ranevskaya has always tried to find something funny and funny in any bad situation.
  4. In 2006, she was diagnosed with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in Alla Pugacheva. At the same time, the artist, despite the fact that she fell ill with such a disease, finds the strength to do business, to devote time to her grandchildren and husband.

Celebrity diabetes is not a hindrance to continue to live a full life and be professionals in their field.

Russian film actor Mikhail Volontir has been suffering from type 1 diabetes for a considerable period of time. At the same time, he still acts in various films and independently performs various and not very safe tricks.

Stars - known diabetics, which everyone knows about, differently perceived the news of his diagnosis. Many of them live on the full recommendations of their doctors, some did not want to change their usual way of life.

It should also recall a man, a famous artist, Mikhail Boyarsky. He was diagnosed with diabetes more than thirty years ago. The world actor felt in full all the signs of the disease.

On one of the many shootings, Boyarsky became suddenly ill, visual acuity deteriorated over several days, and a feeling of excessive dryness in the oral cavity appeared. It is these memories shared by the actor of that time.

The insulin-dependent form of pathology forces Boyarsky to inject insulin daily to regulate the level of glucose in the blood. As you know, the main components of successful therapy for diabetes are diet therapy, exercise and medication.

Despite the seriousness of the disease, Mikhail Boyarsky could not cope with his addiction to tobacco and alcohol, which provokes the rapid development of pathology, as the load on the pancreas increases.

Diabetes and Art

Many people with diabetes are found in our lives on television. These are actors of theater and cinema, directors, presenters of TV programs and talk shows.

Celebrity diabetics rarely talk about their true feelings about the disease and always try to look immaculate.

Famous diabetics suffering from this pathology:

  1. Sylvester Stallone - known worldwide actor, starring in action movies. He is one of those people who have an insulin-dependent type of diabetes. Viewers hardly guess, seeing Stallone about the presence of such a terrible disease.
  2. An actress who won an Oscar, Halle Berry, whose diabetes manifested itself many years ago. Having learned about the development of pathology, the girl first became very upset, but then managed to pull herself together. The first attack happened at twenty-two years on the set of the series “Living Dolls”. Later, medical specialists diagnosed the condition of diabetic coma. Today, Berry participates in the Association of Juvenile Diabetes, and also gives a lot of effort to charity. African-American became the first black model, which presented the United States at the beauty contest "Miss World".
  3. Star Sharon Stone also suffers from insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. In addition, bronchial asthma is also among its comorbidities. At the same time, Sharon Stone carefully monitors his lifestyle, eating right and doing sports. Since diabetes mellitus type 1 carries with it various complications, Sharon Stone has had a stroke twice. That is why, to date, the actress can not fully give herself to sports and switched to a lighter kind of loads - Pilates.
  4. Mary Tyler Moore is a famous actress, director and film producer who has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Mary at one time headed the Foundation for the Study of Juvenile Diabetes. Diabetes mellitus of the first type accompanies her most of her life. She is engaged in charity in support of patients with the same diagnosis, financially helps in medical research and the development of new methods of treatment of pathology.

Not long ago, the Russian cinema produced a film entitled "Diabetes. The sentence is canceled." In the main roles - famous people with diabetes. These are, first of all, such outstanding personalities as Fyodor Shalyapin, Mikhail Boyarsky and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

The main idea that runs through such a movie was the phrase: "We are now not defenseless." The film shows its viewers about the development and consequences of the disease, the treatment of pathology in our country. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan reports that he refers to his diagnosis as another work.

After all, diabetes causes each person to make tremendous efforts on themselves, on the usual way of life.

Is diabetes and sport compatible?

Diseases do not choose people according to their material condition or status in society.

Victims can be people of any age and nationality.

Can I play sports and show good results with a diagnosis of diabetes?

Athletes with diabetes who have proven to the world that pathology is not a sentence, and even with it you can live a full life:

  1. Pele is a world-famous football player. His first three times awarded the title of world champion in football. For the Brazilian national team, Pele played ninety-two matches, while scoring seventy-seven goals. Diabetes player more from adolescence (from the age of 17). World fame of a football player is confirmed by such awards as "the best football player of the twentieth century", "the best young world champion", "the best football player in South America", two-time winner of the Libertarores Cup.
  2. Kriss Southwell is a world-class snowboarder. Doctors diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, which did not become an obstacle for an athlete to achieve new results.
  3. Bill Talbert has been playing tennis for many years. He won thirty-three national type titles in the United States of America. At the same time, he became the one-time winner of the national championships twice. In the 50s of the twentieth century, Talbert wrote an autobiographical book "Playing for Life." Thanks to tennis, the athlete was able to keep the progress of the disease.
  4. Aiden Bale is the founder of the Diabetic Research Foundation. He became famous after the legendary run of six and a half thousand kilometers. Thus, he managed to cross the entire North American continent, daily injecting himself with human insulin.

Sports activities always show a positive result for lowering blood glucose levels. The main thing is to constantly monitor the necessary indicators to avoid hypoglycemia.

The main benefits of physical activity in diabetes are a reduction in blood sugar and lipids, a beneficial effect on the organs of the cardiovascular system, the normalization of weight and neutralization and a reduction in the risk of complications.

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