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What is confectionery isomalt and how to work with it in cooking?

For the first time, scientists obtained isomalt in the laboratory around 60s, synthesizing it from sucrose obtained from sugar beet. This substance is present in the composition of starch, cane, honey and beets, of which most often produce ordinary sugar.

Isomalt is used for the manufacture of most medical syrups, as well as toothpastes, since medicines must be equally suitable for diabetics and people without this ailment. The supplement has a low calorie content, with 2.4 grams of calories per gram. And this is another factor justifying the demand for isomalt in diabetics.

In a thorough study of this substance, not only useful properties were identified, but also parties that could harm the body.

Useful properties and negative manifestations

  • The appearance of a feeling of satiety and filling the stomach, as it belongs to the class of prebiotics and has the properties of plant fiber, and, therefore, works as a ballast.
  • An obstacle to the occurrence of caries and maintaining a healthy microflora in the mouth.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • The beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the recovery of enzymes.
  • Maintain a normal level of acidity in the body.

As such, negative manifestations after taking isomalt occur only in the case of non-compliance with the dosage of the substance. When taken in its pure form in the course of therapy, only a specialist doctor can prescribe a daily dose, based on the individual parameters of the body. To increase or decrease the amount of a substance in this case is strictly prohibited.

A normal daily allowance for a product is 25 grams for a child and not more than 50 grams for an adult. Excessive use of supplements sometimes causes:

  1. allergic reactions;
  2. nausea;
  3. vomiting;
  4. swelling;
  5. diarrhea

Why isomalt is a great option for diabetics? The carbohydrates contained in isomalt are poorly absorbed by the intestines. Therefore, diabetics use it as an analogue of sugar.

Isolmat is contraindicated in rare cases, but there are any. These include:

  • early or late late pregnancy;
  • genetic diseases associated with diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with digestive organs.

For children, isomalt is not recommended, but is allowed in small dosages, as it may contribute to the development of allergic reactions.

Where can I find isomalt in pastry?

In the pastry business, isomalt is in demand for the production of caramel, chewing gum, dragee, candy, etc.

Confectioners also use it for cakes and pastries, as it is excellent for forming complex edible decorations.

It does not look like sugar in appearance, since it does not have a brown tint and prevents deformation of the decorative elements.

Isomalt also learned how to make chocolate.

In addition to the sweetener, it contains caffeine, vitamin B, antioxidants and many other trace elements that beneficially affect the processes in the brain and central nervous system, as well as prevent the formation of blood clots.

How to work with isomalt?

Isomalt is produced in the form of powder, granules or sticks. At temperatures above 40 degrees, it melts, but it does not crack and does not darken, but remains transparent, unlike ordinary sugar.

Uncountable recipes using isomalt have not lost their popularity for many years. Moreover, in addition to complex recipes, there are very simple, for example, diabetic chocolate.

It needs some dietary cocoa beans, milk and about 10 grams of isomalt. If desired, it is possible to add nuts, cinnamon or vanillin. All this is required to mix and place in a special tile so that the mass thickens. After that, let her stand. Daily eat such chocolate can be no more than 30 grams. After a week of use, you must stop for a few days in order to avoid addiction to substance.

Another commonly used recipe is a diabetic cherry pie recipe. For the preparation will need flour, egg, salt and isomalt. Mix all ingredients until completely smooth. Add pitted cherries and, if desired, lemon zest. After that, bake in the oven until cooked. It is undesirable to try this dish hot, so immediately after removing it from the oven to allow it to cool.

Well, the third simple, and most importantly useful, recipe is to call cranberry jelly without sugar with isomalt. Beforehand, washed and de-twisted berries must be passed through a fine sieve or whipped with a blender, add a tablespoon of isomalt and then pour it all with a glass of water. In a separate bowl, soak the gelatin, no more than 20 grams.

It is necessary to boil the berry mass and hold it on the fire for some time. Then remove from heat and mix gelatin with berries. Mix thoroughly until the gelatin lumps are completely dissolved. Pour into forms, let cool and then put in the fridge so that the jelly froze. The daily dose should be one serving.

Summarizing, we can conclude that, subject to the rules of the norm and contraindications, taking isomalt with any type of diabetes will only benefit the body.

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