Diabetes Diet

The benefits of drinking lemon in diabetes mellitus type 2

The key to successful integrated treatment of diabetes is strict adherence to medical recommendations and a diet restricting foods high in sugar. Its effectiveness lies, first of all, in the diversity of the diet and the satisfaction of the body with essential vitamins. Lemon in type 2 diabetes is not only allowed for use, but also recommended.

It is rich in a variety of useful and unique components that are contained not only in the pulp of citrus, but also in its skin. In addition to other fruit acids, it contains natural citric and malic acid, which have a protective function and fight against disease-causing organisms.

Diabetes Benefits of Lemon

Can I eat lemon in type 2 diabetes? Nutritionists strongly advise people with type 2 diabetes to pay attention to this fruit. Its composition has not only a sufficient amount of substances and vitamins useful for the body, but also prevents a sharp increase in the level of glucose when citrus is combined with products with a low-glycemic index.

Lemon helps to saturate the body, having in its composition natural sugar in small quantities (within 3.5%), as well as:

  • Micro and macronutrients;
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E;
  • Coloring matter;
  • Polysaccharides and pectin;
  • Alimentary fiber.

Lemon in type 2 diabetes, in addition to lowering the level of sugar, is recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Regular consumption of fruit contributes to the noticeable dynamics of all body systems:

  1. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect;
  2. Increases performance and improves well-being;
  3. Helps in healing of cracks and tightening of small wounds;
  4. Displays slags;
  5. Normalizes pressure;
  6. Reduces the likelihood of cancer.

The negative side of drinking lemon

Unfortunately, eating lemons out of time and in large quantities can not be a panacea for diabetes.

It is important to remember that an extra portion, even of the most useful acid, can adversely affect the general well-being of the patient, the condition of the organs of the digestive system and the reaction of the organism as a whole.

  1. For people with high acidity, eating a large amount of lemons will negatively affect the general condition of the body. Such experiments are fraught with the appearance of heartburn and other adverse reactions from the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, choosing this citrus, you should pay attention to its color. Rich yellow or slightly orange - indicates the ripeness of the fruit and has a pleasant pronounced aroma.
  2. A large number of natural acids (citric and malic), prevents the development of a sufficient amount of gastric juice, so it is highly undesirable to use this citrus on an empty stomach.
  3. A high dose of vitamin C can trigger allergic reactions. And, although this is, rather, an exception to the rule, it is necessary to be wary of this fruit in patients who are allergic to citrus fruits.

Consumption of the product in moderation will not be able to provoke negative reactions and symptoms, but will bring undeniable benefits to the body.


A high content of vitamin C in the peel and citrus pulp, helps to strengthen the immune system weakened by the disease. This is important in this disease. The recommended dose of a diabetic fruit is half a lemon.

However, for people with high acidity, it is difficult to overpower this amount of lemon in its pure form.

Therefore, the simplest and most convenient way to eat lemon is to add it to tea. To do this, it will be sufficient to use one fruit slice together with the peel. For piquancy and taste variety, you can add lemon or zest to meat or fish dishes.

Lemon Recipes

  1. To reduce the level of sugar, you can cook a simple lemon broth. To do this, for 5-6 minutes, boil the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon over a small fire (always with zest). The required volume of fluid is 200-250 ml. Then cool and eat after meals throughout the day. This recipe is especially good in the autumn-winter period so that the body can successfully resist viral diseases.
  2. For the next recipe, in addition to lemon, you need honey (3 tsp.) And a small head of garlic. We twist the peeled garlic in an affordable way with lemon, then add honey to the mixture. It is better to take medicine during food, for the maximum concentration of substances in blood. The resulting mixture contains natural preservatives, so it is recommended to prepare it for future use and then store it in a clean container in a refrigerator for a long time.
  3. Making a mixture of a glass of liquid honey, 300 gr. walnuts, 300 gr. raisins. The resulting composition pour juice of two lemons. It is necessary to use medicine also, as well as previous - during food.

All the above proposed medicinal mixtures are recommended in the amount of not more than 3 teaspoons per day.

This amount is able to heal and strengthen the body in type 2 diabetes, without providing negative resistance from the gastrointestinal tract and does not contribute to an increase in blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Lemon and Egg

Special attention should be paid to the treatment of diabetes with an effective recipe, using eggs and lemon.

These tools have been tested by patients for a long time and are fixed in practice in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Regular use of this mixture significantly reduces the level of sugar, without drugs, by about 2-3 units.

For a recipe, the use of quail eggs, which are known not only as a dietary product, but also have a unique composition of vitamins and trace elements, is ideal. But, in the absence of, suitable and normal chicken eggs. The main condition for obtaining high-quality and effective medicine is the exceptional freshness of the products used. The choice is best made in favor of domestic eggs to avoid a shock dose of chemicals. Lemon juice must be squeezed immediately before preparing the medicine.

This dose is applied at one time, without the possibility of subsequent storage.

To get a therapeutic mixture need:

  • 5 quail eggs (or one good quality chicken);
  • 5 ml. lemon juice.

It is necessary to mix these components until uniform and take half an hour before breakfast, once a day for a month, using three-day cycles. The break between cycles should also be maintained for at least three days.
Lemon juice with egg in type 2 diabetes is an ideal remedy not only for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, but also significantly improves the general well-being of the patient, helping the body to effectively withstand manifestations of the disease.

Lemon acid

Citric acid, in the absence of the main component - lemon, can become a full component of the drug. To do this, it must be diluted with water beforehand (1 gram of acid per 5 ml of water). However, this is not a way out, but rather an exception in force majeure circumstances. Natural lemon juice is not only more effective, but also significantly more beneficial for diabetes of any type.


Lemon is the strongest antioxidant that successfully removes harmful substances from the body, toxins and free radicals. But, when using lemon to treat type 2 diabetes, it is advisable to consult a doctor who is familiar with the course of your illness.

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