Diabetes Diet

What meat can you eat with diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2

The diet of a healthy person should always be meat, as it is a source of vitamins, protein and carbohydrates.

But there are a considerable number of species of this valuable product, so some of its varieties may be more or less useful.

For these reasons, you need to know what meat is desirable and undesirable to use in diabetes.


Chicken meat is an excellent choice for diabetes, because chicken is not only tasty, but also quite satisfying. In addition, it is well absorbed by the body and it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Moreover, if you regularly eat poultry meat, you can significantly reduce cholesterol in the blood and reduce the ratio of protein secreted by urea. Therefore, in case of diabetes of any type, it is not only possible, but also necessary to eat chicken.

To cook delicious and nutritious diabetic poultry dishes, you should follow certain recommendations:

  • The skin that covers the meat of any bird should always be removed.
  • Fatty and rich chicken broth is not desirable for diabetics. It is best to replace them with less high-calorie vegetable soups, to which you can add a little boiled chicken fillet.
  • In case of diabetes, nutritionists recommend eating boiled, stewed, baked chicken or steamed meat. To enhance the taste, spices and herbs are added to the chicken, but in moderation, so that it does not have a pungent taste.
  • Chicken, fried in butter and other fats, with diabetes can not be.
  • When buying chicken meat it is worth considering the fact that chicken contains less fat than a large broiler. Therefore, for the preparation of diet food for diabetics, it is more desirable to choose a young bird.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that chicken is an ideal product from which you can prepare a lot of useful diabetic dishes.

Diabetics can regularly consume this type of meat, recipes for type 2 diabetics offer many options for dishes, without worrying about the fact that it will cause some harm to their health. What about pork, kebab, beef and other meats? Will they also be useful for type 1 or type 2 diabetes?


Pork has a lot of valuable properties that will be useful for the body of every person, including diabetics. This type of meat is rich in protein, so it is not only useful, but also easily absorbed by the body.

Note! In pork is the maximum amount of vitamin B1 in comparison with other types of meat products.

Low-fat pork should occupy a significant place in the diet of every diabetic. It is best to cook pork dishes with the addition of vegetables. Nutritionists recommend combining such vegetables with pork:

  1. beans;
  2. cauliflower;
  3. lentils;
  4. sweet bell pepper;
  5. green pea;
  6. tomatoes

However, in case of diabetes you should not supplement pork dishes with various sauces, and especially with ketchup or mayonnaise. Also, do not need to season this product with all kinds of gravy, because they increase the concentration of sugar in the blood.

Be sure to be aware of whether it is possible to eat fat in diabetes, because this product is one of the most delicious additions to pork.

So, lean pork can be eaten by a diabetic, but it should be cooked in the right way (baked, boiled, steamed) without adding harmful fats, gravy and sauces. And can a person who has a diagnosis of diabetes have beef, skewers or lamb?

This meat is good to eat to a person who does not have significant health problems. But with diabetes, its use can be dangerous, since mutton contains a significant amount of fiber.

To reduce the concentration of fiber meat must be subjected to special heat treatment. Therefore, the lamb should be baked in the oven.

Prepare a tasty and healthy lamb for a diabetic can be as follows: a lean piece of meat should be washed under a copious amount of running water.

Then the lamb is laid out on a pre-heated pan. After that, the meat is covered with slices of tomato and sprinkled with spices - celery, garlic, parsley and barberry.

Then the dish should be sprinkled with salt and sent to the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. Every 15 minutes, grilled lamb should be watered with drained fat. Cooking time of beef ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours.


Barbecue is one of the favorite dishes of all meat eaters, without exception. But can you afford to eat a piece of juicy kebab for diabetes, and if so, what kind of meat should it be cooked from?


If the diabetic decides to pamper himself with kebabs, then he needs to choose lean meats, namely the chicken, rabbit, veal or pork loin. Marinate diet barbecue should be in a small amount of spices. For this will be enough onion, pinch of pepper, salt and basil.

Important! When marinating kebabs for a diabetic you should not use ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise.

Also, in addition to the meat kebabs, it is useful to bake various vegetables on the fire - pepper, tomato, zucchini, eggplant. Moreover, the use of baked vegetables will compensate for the harmful components found in meat cooked on a fire.

It is also important that the kebab is baked on a slow fire for a long time. So, barbecue with diabetes mellitus can still be consumed, however, it is advisable to eat such a dish infrequently and it is worth careful to ensure that the meat on the fire was cooked correctly.


Beef is not only possible, but must be eaten with diabetes mellitus of any type. The fact is that this meat has a beneficial effect on blood glucose levels.

In addition, beef contributes to the normal functioning of the pancreas and the release of harmful substances from this organ. But this meat should be carefully chosen, and then cooked in a special way.

To choose the right beef, you must give preference to low-fat pieces that do not have streaks. When cooking different dishes from beef, you should not spice it with all sorts of spices - a little salt and pepper will be quite enough. Beef, prepared in this way will be the most useful for people suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

This type of meat can also be supplemented with a variety of vegetables, namely tomatoes and tomatoes, which will make the dish juicy and fragrant.

Nutritionists and doctors recommend diabetics to use boiled beef.

Thanks to this method of cooking, this type of meat can be eaten daily by patients with diabetes and cook various broths and soups from it.

Thus, in case of diabetes, the patient can eat different types of meat in various cooking options. However, in order for this product to be useful, not to bring harm to the body, it is important to follow important rules when choosing and preparing it:

  • do not eat fatty meats;
  • do not eat fried foods;
  • Do not use a lot of spices, salt and harmful sauces such as ketchup or mayonnaise.

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