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Statins for reducing cholesterol: popular drugs, principle of action, cost

Cholesterol is a special substance. In small quantities, it is useful, and in significant quantities it is harmful to the body.

This natural chemical compound is necessary for the production of female and male sex hormones, to ensure normal water levels in the cells of the body. There are other features.

But an excess of cholesterol leads to a serious disease - atherosclerosis. In this case, the normal activity of the blood vessels is disrupted. The consequences can be the worst.

Statins - fighters with cholesterol

Modern pharmacology offers a whole class of drugs, one of the purposes of which is to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. These drugs have a general name. statins.
The action of statins is a complex mechanism that consists of many processes. The result is important here:

  • decreased liver cholesterol production;
  • a decrease in intestinal absorption of cholesterol from food;
  • elimination of the resulting cholesterol plaque in the blood vessels.

The main indications for prescribing statins:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • heart disease, the threat of a heart attack;
  • diabetes mellitus - to prevent or reduce complications associated with blood circulation.

In some cases, atherosclerotic plaques can form even with low cholesterol. And if this particular feature is found in a patient, statins can also be assigned.

Statins with diabetes

A characteristic feature of diabetes is a large number of comorbidities.
They occur when the diet is not followed, the drug regimen is used, and the patient’s general careless attitude towards their condition. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels - a very common complication of diabetes.

According to some statistics, the risk of heart attack, stroke and a number of other diseases in people with diabetes is four to ten times higher (compared to those who have no diabetes). The same statistics show that with the onset of coma, the death rate among diabetics is 3.1%. With myocardial infarction - already 54.7%.

CD can not be cured. But it is possible to increase the duration and quality of life of a diabetic so that the disease will become only a disciplining factor, and not a sentence. If at the same time it is possible to improve fat metabolism, which is closely related to the problems of high cholesterol, then we can talk about a significant achievement. This is especially important in the second type of disease. It is in this case that lipid (fat) metabolism is disturbed to a greater degree.

Now, many doctors consider hypolipidemic therapy for type II diabetes to be almost as important as the use of hypoglycemic agents. Here is the rationale for the use of statins in diabetes. In some cases, these drugs are prescribed even with normal cholesterol - to prevent atherosclerosis.

Choose to taste?

Pick up the drug from the class of statins on their own can not be!
Drugs in this group differ in composition, dosage, side effects. The latter have plenty of statins, so therapy must be controlled by doctors.

Consider some drugs.

  • Lovastatin - This medicine, which is obtained from mold fungi by their fermentation.
  • Analogue of this drug is simvastatin.
  • Very close to these two drugs is considered pravastatin.
  • Rosuvastatin, atorvastatin and fluvastatin - These are fully synthetic drugs.
Record for the effectiveness of reducing cholesterol is now considered rosuvastatin. According to some studies, in six weeks of use, cholesterol levels fell by 45–55% compared with initial indicators. Pravastatin in this regard - in one of the most recent places, they reduce cholesterol by 20-34%.

Prices for statins can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, the financial policy of the implementing pharmacy, as well as by region. In some cases, the price of simvastatin falls short of one hundred rubles for 30 tablets. The range of prices for rosuvastatin is very large: 300-700 rubles. The provision of statin class drugs for free depends on the social programs of a particular region and the situation of the diabetic himself.

Duration of treatment

A certain effect of taking statins is observed after about a month of taking.
Violations of fat metabolism - this is not an easy headache, here a couple of pills can not do. A persistent positive result can sometimes come only in five years. After discontinuation of the drug, regression sooner or later occurs: the fat metabolism is again disturbed.

Given a number of factors (contraindications among them), some doctors may prescribe statins only in certain cases. For example, when a diabetic already has negative effects of lipid metabolism or a real risk of atherosclerosis and subsequent complications.

Statins - a relatively new class of drugs, their research continues.

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