Can dogrose reduce or increase blood pressure?

Rosehip fruits contain a whole storehouse of vitamin, mineral substances, flavonoids, which allows them to be actively used in traditional and traditional medicine. Plant elements improve the function of the internal organs, stimulate the protective functions of the body, and normalize the blood quality indicators. But for people suffering from differential blood pressure, it is imperative to know whether rosehip can lower or increase pressure. What is its action directed to, and how not to harm oneself by taking fruit medicine?

How the use of wild rose affects pressure

Some people claim that wild rose berries work to lower pressure when others are confident that the plant is raising it perfectly. Traditional healers warn: the effect of rose hips on blood pressure is diverse in nature - it both reduces and increases the values ​​of the tonometer. Much depends on the method of preparation of fruits and additional components.

To quickly and effectively increase the pressure used alcoholic extracts of the plant. Hypertensives for lowering indicators are advised to take water broths or just drink rosehip tea.

Herbal ingredients increase the fluid properties of blood, clean the blood vessels, make their walls stronger. All this has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, leading him to normal. Natural qualities completely explain the double effect of the berries: the dogrose lowers a little increased pressure, but on the contrary, it slightly raises the lowered pressure, bringing it to the optimum limits. Rosehip is also famous for its diuretic effect, which helps hypertensive patients to reduce pressure.

The benefits of rose hips for humans

In the reddish-brown oval berries of prickly bushes are available, vitamins B E K PP, micro and macro elements, natural sugar, organic acids. The content of vitamin C in wild rose is a hundred times higher than its content in lemons. From the seeds of berries produce oil with anti-inflammatory and healing qualities.

The benefits of rose hips:

Hypertension and pressure surges will remain in the past - free tool

Heart attacks and strokes account for almost 70% of all deaths in the world. Seven out of ten people die due to blockage of the arteries of the heart or brain. In almost all cases, the reason for such a terrible end is the same — pressure surges due to hypertension.

To bring down the pressure can and should be, otherwise nothing. But this does not cure the disease itself, but only helps to deal with the consequence, and not with the cause of the disease.

  • Normalization of pressure - 97%
  • Elimination of vein thrombosis - 80%
  • Elimination of palpitations - 99%
  • Headache Relief - 92%
  • Increased vigor during the day, improved sleep at night - 97%
  • improves memory;
  • boosts immunity;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • cleans blood vessels from fatty plaques;
  • supports the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • fights tachycardia;
  • normalizes sleep.

Folk recipes with rosehip pressure

It is necessary to take into account that phytotherapy is only a small part of the complex treatment, and it is equally capable of replacing drugs with drugs. You can find out if a dogrose lowers or increases pressure in a person, you can at the doctor. Only with his permission, it is advisable to use alternative medicine. Although it is known that regular consumption of wild rose serves as an excellent prevention of many diseases, including blood pressure disorders in people predisposed to similar pathologies.

The following dog rose recipes are especially popular:

  1. Decoction. Two large spoons of crushed berries are poured with a liter of boiling water and put on a slow flame. After boiling boil for 15 minutes, cool and filter. Take 100 ml three times / day for half an hour before the main meal.
  2. Infusion. Two large spoons of the dry crushed raw materials pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, wrap tightly and leave for about four hours. With increased pressure, use half a glass before the main meal. Healthy people to strengthen the immune system, you can drink tea with wild rose, adding a little infusion in the water instead of brewing.
  3. Broth from the rhizome of shrubs. This remedy is especially effective in diseases affecting the kidneys. A large spoonful of shredded roots is poured with 0.5-0.6 l of water, brought to a boil, allowed to cool, and then heated again to boiling. The resulting composition together with the roots tightly wrap and insist for at least three hours. Take a warm glass in two doses, in the morning and evening hours.
  4. Berry collection. Healers consider drinking rosehips at elevated pressure is beneficial, combining with other berries: hawthorn, chernoplodkoy, cranberries. Two large boxes of all crushed berries are mixed and poured 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist three hours and take 100-150 ml three times / day for half an hour before the main meal.
  5. Alcohol tincture. This tool is not all allowed to take when problems with pressure. Therefore, you need to get an affirmative response from the doctor to the request for permission to use it as an additional treatment. Five large spoons of crushed wild rose berries are poured with a bottle of vodka, sealed and infused in a dark place from 10 to 14 days. After filtering, take 20-30 drops three times / day before the main meal.
  6. With sage. In combination with dogrose, it has a positive effect on blood pressure at lower values. On a large spoon of both types of raw materials insist two or three hours in a glass of boiling water. After filtering, use a small spoon no more than eight times per day.
  7. Wash the lemon and rub with a grated peel.. To the resulting mass add a large spoonful of cranberry berries, 20 crushed rosehips, 1 cup of liquid light honey. All stir and take a vitamin mixture in a large spoon twice / day for one month.
  8. With onion peel. Half a dog rose mixed with a glass of onion peel and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After stirred and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes. Insist at least an hour, filtered and take 100 ml twice a day.

When is it better to give up rosehip

Ripe dried / fresh fruits of the shrub are successfully used not only for blood pressure jumps, but also for vitamin deficiency, depressed immunity, and recovery from protracted illnesses. It is recommended for acute respiratory viral infections and other infectious processes, obesity, impaired metabolism, ailments affecting the urinary system, an inflammatory nature.

Fruits and folk remedies based on them are contraindicated in case of:

  • propensity to gas and constipation. Berries have a fixing effect, so for the time of treatment with rosehip pressure it is better to adhere to a sparing diet with abundant fiber content. Also, decoctions / infusions of berries can increase gas formation;
  • diseases affecting the digestive organs. Refrain from the use of wild rose should be with peptic ulcer, gastritis, increased gastric acidity. The active ingredients in the composition of the berries irritate the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and can aggravate the disease;
  • hepatic pathologies. Overdose of wild rose can provoke the development of serious diseases, up to acquired hepatitis. Although this situation is extremely rare, but people who are predisposed to a similar reaction to blood pressure treatment with hips, it should be considered. In order to prevent the sad consequences, it is recommended to observe the dosage and make time intervals between treatment courses;
  • diseases affecting the skin. As with any plant, wild rose can cause an allergic reaction if you are intolerant of its components. Often, such manifestations occur in allergic people.
  • impaired blood clotting due to the ability of dilution.

Prolonged use of strong infusions / decoctions can destroy tooth enamel due to the impressive content of organic acids in the medicinal drink. Therefore, it is better to drink the product through a straw, and then be sure to rinse the mouth cavity with warm water.

Where to get a dogrose and how to store

Patients are advised to take rose hips with hypertension and reduced pressure. Preparing broths / infusions need only from quality raw materials collected in areas remote from highways, factories, landfills. You can use the berries in fresh / dried / frozen form, having crushed them in advance with a knife or blender.

You can buy raw materials in the pharmacy network. But if a person wants to prepare it himself, a dark, well-ventilated place is suitable for drying. Or you can dry the berries in the oven.

They also tolerate freezing well. First, the fruits are washed, dried, and then hidden in the freezer and, if necessary, taken out. Before the preparation of medicinal drinks, wild rose does not defrost, but immediately pour boiling water.

In order for the use of rose hips to help normalize blood pressure, the patient must take care of his health additionally: avoid stressful situations, adhere to a rational diet, engage in moderate exercise, give up bad habits, fully relax.

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