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Is it possible to drink chicory in pancreatitis of the pancreas

Chicory root is a real pantry of beneficial compounds and vitamins necessary for our body. It contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements. And if the shredded root of the plant is dried and brewed, then you get a great coffee substitute.

At the same time, the B vitamins contained in chicory in large quantities act on the nervous system not excitingly, but, on the contrary, calm it, while giving strength and vigor to the person.

The plant has a large set of healing properties, but in this article only those that are relevant for people with problems in the digestive system, in particular, for persons with pancreatic pancreatitis, will be considered.

Useful qualities of chicory

This plant contains pectin and inulin, which are natural food prebiotics. They have a beneficial effect on the microflora that inhabits the intestines.

These substances to the necessary extent stimulate the production of gastric juice, thus preparing the body to receive food.

Insulin is also called a natural sugar substitute, it is capable of lowering the level of glucose in the blood, which is of great importance in violation of the endocrine (excretory) function in patients with pancreatitis.

The choleretic property of chicory is very important, because, as a rule, the development of pancreatitis, as well as the occurrence of relapses, is due just to a violation of the flow of bile due to overlapping of the common duct. So drinking chicory with pancreatitis is extremely useful.

As a result, the enzymes do not pass into the intestine from the pancreas, but they digest the tissues inside the organ itself. A decoction of chicory is used as a strong choleretic agent, and in folk medicine it is used for cholelithiasis (helps dissolving and removing stones from the body).

Chicory with pancreatitis improves metabolism and removes toxins, that is, has a preventive effect in dysbiosis and prevents inflammation in the organs of the digestive tract. And just need to drink this drink instead of coffee or tea.

Recommendations and contraindications to the use of chicory

The use of chicory is possible in the presence of pancreatitis, but only if the disease is in remission or it is a chronic process.

We can say that in the face of chicory we have folk remedies for the treatment of the pancreas, this is how this product can be characterized.

During exacerbation of the pancreas, complete rest is necessary, and the load on it must be minimized. Therefore, in acute pancreatitis, as well as in the acute stage of chronic pancreatic disease, products that have even minimal stimulating effect on the excretory function of the organ should not be consumed.


The chicory drink is allowed for use 30 days after the exacerbation of pancreatitis only on the recommendation of a doctor and with the normalization of the patient's well-being. You can give some tips:

  • It is necessary to begin the use of chicory from the weak drink prepared from the crushed roots of a plant made by milk and water in a ratio 1: 1.
  • For one glass of the mixture you need to take half a teaspoon of powder.
  • Gradually, the amount of chicory can be increased to 1 tsp.
  • It is necessary to take the drink throughout the day in small portions 20 minutes before meals.

You can also make this decoction:

  • 2 teaspoons of chicory root powder pour one cup of boiling water and cook for five minutes over low heat.
  • The resulting broth cool, strain and drink sips throughout the day (course is 21 days).
  • After that, you can take a break for 1 week and continue treatment.
  • A decoction of chicory will not only improve the condition and relieve pain during pancreatitis, but also cleanse the liver well.

With pancreatitis of the pancreas, you can drink and medical collection, including chicory: in equal parts to take the roots of chicory, dandelion, burdock and elecampane. One teaspoon of the resulting mixture pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 8 hours. Take the drink three times a day before meals.

Chicory in the treatment of pancreatitis

Chicory interferes with cholesterol absorption and improves the absorption of even heavy meals, as a result of which the digestive processes are normalized.

But this does not mean that a patient with pancreatitis should abandon the diet if he uses a drink from this plant before eating. Together with chicory, the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as other important compounds, enter the human body.

With regular use of chicory, metabolic processes are normalized and such unpleasant symptoms of pancreatic problems as constipation and bloating disappear. But do not forget that chicory is only an addition to the main treatment of diseases of the pancreas. Therapy should be comprehensive and must include drugs and a special diet.

Patients with pancreatitis should be very careful about the choice of any food, as well as the selection of chicory powder. Some people buy dry plant roots in pharmacies.


Those who do not, should choose products of more expensive brands and do not forget to study well the composition indicated on the packaging. In a normal powder, there are usually no artificial additives, flavors, flavor enhancers and colorants.

Chicory in the period of remission of chronic pancreatitis of the pancreas

Patients with pancreatitis may begin to use a drink from dried chicory approximately one month after the symptoms of exacerbation have been stopped, and the general condition will improve. It is better to start drinking chicory in a small concentration and brew it with water half with milk. By the way, it is chicory that helps reduce sugar, so tablets can not be used all the time to lower blood sugar, this is especially important for diabetics.

For one glass of liquid components need to take half to 1 teaspoon of powder. If there is no diabetes mellitus, then to improve the taste in the drink, you can add a little honey or sugar. Although the taste of chicory itself is a little sweet, so you can do without extraneous additives.

Chicory is not only an excellent alternative to coffee, but also has a whole range of useful qualities:

  • The roots of the plant contain inulin and pectin (polysaccharides), which are dietary fibers (prebiotics). They allow you to maintain a normal balance of intestinal microflora and prevent constipation due to mild stimulation of intestinal motility;
  • dietary fiber does not allow cholesterol to be absorbed by absorbing it;
  • insulin leads to a decrease in blood glucose, which is very good for pancreatitis with a violation of insulin production;
  • chicory prevents the development of obesity and has a positive effect on metabolism;
  • even in the dry roots of chicory contains a complex of minerals and vitamins that are not in coffee, especially soluble.

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